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Stepping into fuller expression.

Harnessing and focusing your creative power.

Facing the challenges that arise with support and courage.


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Momentum is both a community of artists and a transformational growth program. As participants, each artist dedicates themselves to a project that is calling them out and forward into fuller expression. Experienced coaches guide each artist. Artists support each other as a community. Art is created. Transformation happens.

We believe that the quality of our lives is determined by the quality of our relationships, and that most transformation happens in relationship. In Momentum Community we form deep bonds and then harness the power of these relationships to support our fuller creative expression. We learn, teach and use tools that support clarity, integrity, and growth. 

Sounds do I get involved? Momentum Community offers programs that can last up to a year as well as weekend events, all of which are designed to shift your current relationship to your creativity and your creative process. 

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